April 2017


[ Laos Trip ] - Plains of Jars

Scattered along the Muong Phuon plateau, plain of jars (Laos language is Thong Hai Hin , English is the Plains of Jars) located in the town of Phonsavan, province of Xieng Khuang, North Laos to date is still the challenge with about this country and international archaeology. Question series was the chum from 1500 to 2000 years


Kê Gà Beach - The "s"ucking hotest night of camping

After nearly one month work placement think freelancer and stable small business done, that is crazy leg trip and decided to do near Saigon near the support appetite. Yes buddy in Lagi, Binh Thuan should have been targeted destination, go online to find out the show here that skinny nose Ga lots phượt population and