November 2019


How to find a cheap hotel?

In high season (dates differ depending on the destination), hoteliers know they have much chance of fulfilling their establishment. They therefore make little effort on their prices and you will certainly pay a high price. For a hotel at the best price, so it is more advantageous to visit a city at medium or low


How to understand the way local life when traveling

To understand the lifestyle of local, try to live a little like them and adopt their mode of operation. And public transport are a good example! If you find that in a city or country, public transport are popular, so we should not deny yourself in. Do not go lock yourself in a taxi …


Hue - The Old Kingdom

Hue has 1 million inhabitants and was until 1945 the capital of Vietnam. The city is located on the Perfume River, on the north bank one finds the old town – the oldest buildings date from +/- 150 years ago – with the citadel and on the south bank the new city was built. This