Introduction about the Guppies and how to care them

Guppy is an easy-to-keep and diverse species of fish. In addition, Guppy is also the most widely distributed tropical fish in the world.
The Guppy is also one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish and is native to northeastern South America, however the Guppy has been introduced into many habitats and is now found around the world.

Guppy (Guppy fish) is scientifically known as Poecilia reticulata, belongs to the family Poeciliidae and belongs to the genus Poecilia discovered by Robert John Lechmere Guppy in 1866.

With a variety of types as well as colors, Guppy is known for its rich growth properties that are easy to adapt to the surrounding environment. Guppy fish food is also extremely simple, easy to take care of and extremely popular among aquatic hobbyists.

Characteristics of life
It is not too difficult to tell which guppy is male, and which is female. Because the female fish size (from 4 to 6 cm) is always larger and longer than the male (from 2 to 4 cm). In addition, the average life expectancy of a guppy fish is about 2 to 3 years.

Known as a fish of many different colors, Guppy is bought by many aquatic hobbyists to decorate their aquarium with great growth and is also easy to keep.

Guppy fish food
“What is the best Guppy fish” or “Guppy fish food” are the questions that have been wondering for a long time by aquatic players. It is known that Guppy fish is omnivorous fish, their food has many types so the choice of food for them is also a bit picky. Here are some foods for Guppy fish, please refer to:

Nhat Cam V0 is a type of bran known for many uses such as: containing antibiotic prevention, vitamin supplement for fish, high protein content to help your fish quickly grow.
Cam Thai Inve is a type of bran that decomposes quickly, does not cause turbidity, does not affect the habitat of fish and other aquatic components in your tank.
Artemia floats in the surface of the water, does not affect the water source, helps fish eat very easily.
Pandora bran is a floating type of bran that does not affect the water source, provides adequate high nutritional content which is very good for the digestive system of the fish.

How to raise guppy fish
Guppy fish care is also very simple if you pay attention to some of the following needs:

Should light your aquarium fluctuate in about 10-14 hours / day. If there is a lack of light in the house or your tank is not well lit, you can install good lights for your fish.
Regular cleaning of your aquarium is clean because the water environment for the fish is also very important to help keep the water in the tank from high levels of chlorine.
Before changing the water, you should leave the water outside for about 1-2 days to help reduce the amount of chlorine in the water. Each water change, you only need to change about 20-30% of the water is enough, avoid changing the water too much.
Guppy types of fish
In the aquatic world there are many beautiful guppy types, each of the 7-color fish has its own role and characteristics. To mention the popular types of Guppy fish today such as: Thai Guppy, Guppy Koi, American Guppy, Dragon Guppy, Guppy Albino, Guppy Dumbo, Guppy Endler, .. Depending on each person’s preferences. So the selection of guppy fish for aquatic play is also very different.

Why Guppy Fish died?

Guppy is very sensitive to water sources, the cause of Guppy’s death is due to contact with new water, chlorinated water, dirty water or low pH water. You should change the water environment for Guppy fish often.

Guppy fish can eat shrimp?

In the event of starvation of the guppy, they will attack the shrimp (especially the juvenile) because the guppy can eat any shrimp that fits their mouth.

Guppy how much is it?

We need to spend about $ 10 for regular guppy. For high-end Guppy prices, prices range from 100 to 200 thousand / fish.

Where to buy Guppy?

Guppy is a beautiful fish and is an aquatic hobbyist, so it is not difficult to find and buy. You can find this fish at most aquarium stores nationwide.

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