[ Cambodia trip ] – Angko & Koh Rong Saloem (pt1)

Why there’re so much, cheap and nice places for travel at Cambodia? Angkor is too beautiful and monumental and then out to sea well now, đep said, the service is also cheap and eat off Vietnam. Koh Rong Saloem and Koh Rong is renowned for beautiful islands, located about a 30 minute train ride Sihanouck. But how do ramp from SG to be Koh Rong Saloem then called arduous, tedious. Many of the stars at his Convention this island it does not close, which is near last week’s conviction would also come away, shunned the life, Africa, social networking, its a one island, a sea, 1 bugalow for it.

From SG to ride down the HA First Bus beds = > transit ride out the gate exit procedures from the VN and entry into Cambodia. This stitching takes about 2-3 hours if go on occasions, East nghèn stuffy, slow procedure, then the officer as a turtle. To come to the Orange party, also lined up under sunny chang chang. Then also make money, 50 k/Passport then quickly makes new, not the back edge of the landmark that sits waiting next to lunch then done. Face the very province, as evident and we have such a clause, count the number of passports and money. Entry screen to finished vehicles, at the gate have no bus, no taxis. If Yes, then the whole car is though, at first getting in the gate then the whole beautiful car, air conditioning running ferries ferry. After getting enough visitors, approximately 20 km will be changed to a different, non-market daily conditioner, crowd of people and animals, the sun hot as that door open Affairs lightly roasted, the dust and the heat up full of chewing off the face. Go a little, stop picking people up, kick down until you lử tired đử, as to where to hell and then about 2 h pm to Sihanouk. So, the best way is right at the gate, the book is available in the car 4-16 possible, run straight to vein 1, Sihanouk.

When we come to Sihanouck, private boat rental or large ships off the island of Koh Rong or Koh Rong Saloem. Buy tickets directly in bridge, about 30 minutes away, remember to get the medication against motion sickness or nylon bags. Go on yện waters, waves would then only have to wave that biu ti Gush out. Koh Rong Saloem beautiful, beautiful long sandy beach with absurd turn a blind eye, white, smooth, comfortable blue water. And also quite deserted, not too small, crowded. Should be a good place to hide away. When coming here I thought always at that other place you didn’t ask to do this reading, is to relax, get away from the noise, only the guys and the Sun.

Look on the map, the island has a private beach, 2 front Beach and each name in each beach resort 1. Vù vù winds which then dumps the other smooth and vice versa. His day at the beach front, the wind vù vù, wind all night, located in room idea storm to level 12. Imagine there is when sea water flooded into the door in the room and should also, that when opening the door the room out sun sunny, sea green still remains the only crime of the wind is too strong.

In General on this island there is no game to play these guys should where j is extremely suitable with health resorts. And no other migration means … Besides the leg =)). From Lengmeng, go add about 150 m will have a path through the ice to the island to the other side. If not found then … wonder resort. Trekking between the jungle about 40 minutes will go to secluded beaches, peaceful, quiet but not by the beach on the beautiful coast of the Lengmeng party.

Specialty of Koh Rong Saloem is known for extremely long food, 1 hour later brought out and don’t have much choice. Sitting edge out both mold still eat up. So if you should bring food and seafood from Sihanouk. Camping on the island is also ok, do the BBQ, all singing, dancing the dance of fire is out. Note that when on the island must book prior to schedule because often very crowded day. Today, his book advance should be gone too. But who have not yet book ahead then wait 2, 3 new tour.

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