[ China Travel ] Canton Tower – The Colorful Huge!

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Tonight I went to the Canton Tower, the tower of 111 floors (if I’m not mistaken) and 610 meters that was built for the Asian Games in 2010, which took place in Canton, so I would like to speak a little about it for you.

First I went to a 7eleven history to buy a metro card, rechargeable card. For 20 yuan we have one (20 yuan still represent 5 to / metro if you do not go too far). The guy did not understand my English, “metro” or the equivalent in Chinese “地铁” so I had to write it on my phone in Chinese, but then it was. I am glad I did because the return there were 10 meters from tail to machines, and then like that at least no need to wait, we will directly where you want, no loss of time taking a token.

So I Went around 19h subway, I landed there, Looked a bit panels. There are Several “zones”, from A to E selon the altitude at qui you want to mount. It is to climb up the E qui area is 150 yuan. Ok, I mark the box, I grabs the ticket and go home. Past the entrance you get to the elevators. Of course for the lower floors there is no tail, aim to climb up there the tail. 30 minutes later I get on the elevator. While riding you can see the view of Canton, it’s still nice and a little impressive. We climb the 450 meters in 1 minute so for Those Who are sensitive eardrums like me it feels a bit, it will goal. At the top bah it’s cool goal entre les windows of the building and the water equivalent we do not see much I think, therefore I am retype 1 hour queue to climb-even Higher. In fact while at the top there are two activities: sky drop, a carousel qui rises to 485 meters (35 meters Higher na que le maximum That Can Be Achieved on the tower) and you loose a descending blow so super fast about 30 meters. On the first side of the tower you sit, so bah it takes a little guts anyway it will still profit. Especially once the top there is a splendid view Because everything is seen Canton, at night, to Almost 360, and Suddenly you loose you, And Then They forget very Quickly what we just saw. We do not see the ground, it just feels great fall quickly. It would be nice to take a picture, this goal is not possible, we must all leave before mounting. On the opposite side of the tower the ride is different. We are in a position a little up, and arrived at the top of the thing leans Slightly forward, so care has already That bit chips, aim for the descent, Having done one before it runs a little better. I finally I would want to see my not Either head. lol To the sky drop is 130 yuan more. Reviews The other activity is more quiet, They Are eggs like skiing That are hung on the edge of the tower and takes pictures while making the turn, really quieter and better for photographs. When I was at the top (bottom of the carousel so) I have not really beens ble to take pictures of it, since there’s the water equivalent of the tower quite hinder, the I would-have to get into the eggs hey goal couldn’t do everything.

After All That I finished Quickly back down (we can not stay too –other Because people are waiting) and I retype 30-minute queue for the elevator. In fact MOST of the time what is expected.

To exit not to take the path Sami to go so I just headed goal It was, just turn around and follow the signs to find the exit. I Took the subway, McDonalds Took myself a takeaway and back to the hotel

N For Those hungry for sensation I recommend the sky drop, and the coolest people with health problems or Those I recommend the eggs. I did it all alone, my friends are all busy, this is frankly not the best, I think two already That really got to be more fun, Especially For waiting and sharing.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at 10am in an amusement park, I think the day will be filled today, aim the experience tonight Was still pretty darn interesting. :)

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