Conquering “Mui Đôi” – great easternmost point (part 2)


2nd Start over steep, steep slopes is not difficult with his 1 should therefore carry household items but also go very fast. The crew goes 1 marquetry dereference always not stop, just downhill then back again one great scene appears. Beneath her is Bai Rang where we camped there overnight.

One feature we noticed that when traveling East Pole is thus: Every stop you pass a difficult road, it has one great scene appeared, as if there is a reward that nature bestowed incidents So try your hehe.

Doan Tien compliment we get him then, he said, long before you travel so fast group, go less than 2 hours and 30 minutes, usually little-known group of 3-4 when not, when I phone home to Note 2 , tell uncle has arrived, Note 2 also startled how quickly replica yeah \ m / proud too dike.

Should men than women choose the team to go for easy

Crabs and snails, collect firewood, construction of shelters
Take poked finished the group began collecting firewood, building the most fun is going to ditch her breast in cliffs near the beach, she began building up his PhD Breast say eat live always out to nine, so get chili sauce bottle out , began to spray any remaining chili to eat always, it crunchy, not too fishy, ​​tasty hehe.

Originally afternoon crowd go even catch crabs and shellfish that is how huge one, not to spend the evening eating grilled live every sip.

It began nightfall, the group started firing barbeque prepared, be prepared for 1kg Note 2 bacon, 1 kg of shrimp, fast food carry, more with real anymore afternoon catching enough Food for 1 night and sip map.

His group set up tents in Bai Rang, 1km from the easternmost point range

A great night in Bai Rang
Especially his discharge are not prepared chopsticks with food containers, but it turned out so the fun, the party took in sea ice as a cutting board, cut the bottle into casserole dish, taken along bamboo chopsticks, pole always fun.

Just bake and chatted just drink sip, that day the moon again, the scenery is very charming

As you restrict yourself preparing more, only prepared food vs. other countries in which self-handling everything more fun it will be prepared from scratch.

Carousal the party prepares to go to bed to get up early tomorrow to welcome the sun on the land FIRST LETTER S

That night, his sleep is not very much, occasionally sleeping in tents wind it blows and hear her again xoanh xoach are awake (with slight fear), while several big brother slept outside the tent is hot fear from speaking, mosquitoes it besieged on all sides, to bury him in the sand to sleep, breakfast was told that found injured.

Welcoming the sun’s first S-shaped land
Yes 4:30 am they all wake up, I climbed rocks to capture the sun up, the spectacle of the sun’s rays in the sea air makes me extremely live match pay back, that moment I just want downtime interest !

After dawn at Beach tricks that even tents, garbage piles and burned to prepare 1 jumping rapids Eastern Arctic ice towards Vietnam

If you go, do not harm the environment, do not throw rubbish on the way, finished dissipated as burning or mental cleanup offline!

After the cleanup is complete the group began to move east Pole, a track not too hard, only slightly dangerous rapids paragraph 1 jump too if you wear shoes easy to slip, had jumped just had to squeeze under that basis, the whole crew we go no matter what happens, jump crooked crooked snap off.

Conquering success
Finally to the destination, the final obstacles were climbing cliffs reach 2m tall, with a rope tie available there and a second man for his PhD caught in pull up, this song often shy little girl should not climb. But I recommend is to climb as he sat on pulling you up should not worry about slipping.

SUCCESS ! Union we have conquered MUI DOUBLE – POLE OF VIETNAM DONG, exceeding many way, the slope and finally the crowd rock rapids also “touched the knob” (tung flower).

Rent their ships to the group rather than walk backwards, to look back on his ship went through everyone said:

“Oh her away yesterday, dear”

Train running on poles in sea water, with the bottom section shows shallow coral look always, while in inshore because too excited should not even sit in a basket on the banks of the pool is always, always the beautiful sea (I carry trousers swim pants kept slipping drowning that she always burning burning).

Chartering 1tr300k 10 people you should reserve for Note 2

Before the Note 2 has a bathing place, indeed, only see coral diving stop but not much because the sea DC swim here the whole coral sand should not have broken foot swimming easy.

Numerous commentators bathing 2, Payroll 1 person 2 ca freshwater rinse to help people become stiff and dressing prepared to go beyond the sand dunes

Fresh water in the Note 2 rare because uncle dug wells program, to bring water from outside.

Trip ends … everything is great!
Note 2 Farewell, farewell Nose Sometimes, the group who also satisfied, satisfied for having overcome long distances, difficult to get to the beautiful place, satisfied that the will of each man did not give up going destination.

This travel time to leave yourself a great euphoria vợi it helped me out a lot to offer care, from inside myself and the things around.

– Going to experience ourselves and everything around you

– Goodbye 100% sure I will return to this place!

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