How to understand the way local life when traveling

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To understand the lifestyle of local, try to live a little like them and adopt their mode of operation. And public transport are a good example! If you find that in a city or country, public transport are popular, so we should not deny yourself in. Do not go lock yourself in a taxi … it will cost you more expensive and you will eliminate all your chances to move as local and to have the opportunity to cross.

In the Philippines, especially in Manila, one finds amazing bus called “Jeepney”! This is an original means of transport since they are at the origin of Jeeps flamboyant decorations abandoned by the US military after World War II. Take a Jeepney is the opportunity to live like a local by moving like a local! But the list of those popular modes of transport in foreign countries is long, as the rickshaw in India or the canoe in Madagascar ….

Also remember to adopt the mode most economical and most universal of all: walking! Strolling at your own pace, you will discover points of interest which are not necessarily listed in the guide books but are popular with locals (a nice little park at the corner of an alley, a popular glacier in the area of a street, etc.). When walking, you’ll come across the local daily, having a good chance to talk with them.

Sleep like a local
Why not rent a real apartment to live like a local? Better than the hotel to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a country, renting an apartment is an ideal option. Different sites including Only-apartments which is positioned on renting short and flat as a privileged intermediary between owners and travelers used to sleep in a real home. It is in Europe, this kind of site works best with lots of offers for apartment rentals in Rome, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, etc …

There are many advantages because if we look carefully at the quality / price ratio is often less expensive than a traditional hotel with the apartment rental (with even greater advantage by traveling to several friends or Family to reduce costs). And it’s still more fun to stay in a small apartment in a standardized hotel … Especially often, a kitchen is included, allowing to cook regularly and thus reduce the budget at the food (which does is not negligible). This also helps to get away from other tourists and not have to undergo comings and goings of travelers. The idea is to be at home, as if we lived in the city that we visit!

Eat like a local
Live like a local, it’s also eat like a local! For this, we must not be afraid to try culinary experiences and give his palace to discover new flavors … Sometimes the food is appetizing and it’s a real pleasure to taste the local cuisine, but surprises are also possible when one is faced with a grilled snake, insect or spicy to face a turtle soup. But when traveling, it is to go beyond appearances. So even if sometimes you have to steel themselves to taste some things, it is necessary to plunge and to say “yes, I tasted!”

It is also interesting to identify restaurants frequented by the locals in order to really know their tastes and to be aware of their way to stand at the table, sharing around a good dish, etc … Food is important but way of eating also says a lot about the local lifestyle. Moreover, to actually eat like a local, it would be interesting to go through a collaborative platform to share a meal with locals. The site “VoulezVousDiner” proposes to make new friends by booking dinners between individuals in different countries … Nice!

Made party like a local
Travelling is also to party and know the customs and traditions of a country. Nothing beats local folk festivals to learn and absorb all a Culture! In moments of celebrations, rituals or religious devotions, local show another side of their personality, their life and their beliefs. It is extremely interesting to participate in his own way (even as a spectator) at different festivals / ceremonies can take place nearby. Obviously, it is imperative to respect the different traditions and religions of a country by learning a minimum upstream not to do odd and risk embarrassing the premises with inappropriate behavior.

New Year in Asia, feast of colors in India, Venice Carnival, Lantern Festival in Japan, “Pachamama party” (Mother Earth) in Bolivia … The list is endless and we will not have enough one life to attend all these events around the world. So when one of them happens near you, do not miss it.

Working as a local
It may be interesting, when making a long journey to work like a local! When working, you see the country from a different perspective, one understands the rhythm of local life. The reference is also made friends / colleagues that allow, discussing at length, to deepen our knowledge of a given country.

Whether it’s a little extra work, volunteer, or an internship, the job you will provide will bring you lot in return. You bind a special connection to the country in which you will work with local and with whom you share your work time. For my part, I did a three-month course in Thailand during my studies and I am very attached to this country since. In addition, work will save a little money and therefore to travel longer!

Make a friend among local
It is good to build friendships relations with local live like a local while traveling. To make friends, do not hesitate to reach out to others and to start the discussion as soon as you feel that there is a small “opening” with someone. A smile, a kind word, a question, there are many ways to start a conversation and try to forge more extensive links. You learn a lot about a country by talking to the locals, and more if they are close to you and trust you.

For the more timid, the CouchSurfing platform can help meet local and forge links. You do not necessarily have to stay with them, you can invite a “couchsurfeur” to have a drink and discuss a few hours, it usually works very well to meet local (who often speak English as they are registered with the platform).

Do you like traveling, trying to blend into the background and adopting local customs? And do you have other tips for living as much as possible like a local traveling?

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