[ Laos trip ] – The slow and peaceful days in southern Laos

Southern Laos is a cheap option, beautiful and exciting for a new year holiday are occasions for about 5 days. Go, make sure of claiming go back next í. Cost for the tour 5 days 4 nights, breakfast, kayaking, beer foam, bar broke out, massages … only about 4 million. 30/4/2013, 5 December, in what hesitation j anymore without line up?

5 a.m. present at go VAP to buses and Dawn run to straight Pakse (expected to be minus dimensional 1 h). Obviously I’ve put 7 first Chair, but then saw a group up at the students sitting in the chệ chễm. Cannot sit all day at last Sun like how his group appears to be, getting past, always jumping down and I began to scrawl your mouth out calling for strap with 18 drivers out: Oh I set long ago, I say. vehicle sat, ti biu last extrusion, both suffering … Sure in themselves also use too, and the driver then maybe no one good move in favour of themselves at the end you up any general screaming í ng down off the car, arrange from the beginning =)).

It was finally arranged for 7 nhền love this spider sitting on top. Near 6 am beginning to leave SG, approximately three hours, start daydreaming dream silk sleep suddenly hot stars natural world, hot mom, hot play gang up. The car stopped, one phạch broken beat aircondition and the quiet, stop this page. Well, stop, this is at all Hon crack spreads

About an hour later, the car started to run and no … air conditioning. The driver said it near the gate, and then, there’s no place to land, right to milk. All I caught back SG, hự hự. But the crashing plunge then must follow it, start the screen declaring breath, thop declaring fan and try to sleep for declaring it heat. In summary it was a normal storm bus 5 pm will go to Pakse, the over 10 new night arrived. From 10 h am to 10 night crammed in a mysterious car not to finish, where the hot, dusty, crowded, smelly people, smell the vomit smell, the smell of gasoline, eWw gross wind, smell everything mix it all to not tired tired tired of Lü BU, who crave talking to each other. Try to sleep or close your eyes. Dark mission too, and it’s not for entry into Laos, make you the driver must go begging only Oh, bribes that finished new j. Well, while waiting for entry into Laos, the flood began to turn a plethora of soi, thanks to your lamp Tuan íTới all always stay in Pakse, hostel of garages, limp body find a place for dinner and sleep things off not someone waving the ears due to too tired. The next morning wake up new start is the breakfast, cafe, pay tuk tuk ride Wat Phou (250,000 Kip for 7 persons). Pakse in Champasak province (or Champassak) is a province in southwestern Laos, bordering Thailand and Cambodia. The Mekong River and the Se Don flows through the province. The neighboring province to the North of Champasak, Salavan, Xekong and Attopu is the province of Cambodia to the South as Stung Treng and Preah Vihear, province of Thailand to the West is Ubon Ratchathani. 1400 years ago (i.e. the period too too far ago í) Champasak was a mighty territory in the lower Mekong River basin. Today the Champasak is one of the 18 departments and is the largest province by area of the country of Laos.

Sunny chang chang, come about, the next new Watphou almost 1. If anyone has ever come to Angkor and then come here, don’t despair because it’s just more than what my son a second only. However because it is need to land in Pakse, that’s all. Located at the foot of Phou a sacred mountain called Phou Kao (Elephant Mountains). According to historians, is the oldest temple Phou in Laos, was the Centre of Hinduism, Shiva. Legend and history of Laos that the temple Deity Badhecvara, built from V and VII century. It also has the Crethapura, the first capital of the Kingdom of Chenla. When Buddhism became the State religion of the whale, the Phou restored, transformed into a temple of worship Buddha. Today the Phou ceremony is the Buddhist festival of the whole region of southern Laos, one of the largest festivals in Laos , held continuously for 3 days on the occasion of the full moon, the Lunar 3. Wat Phou was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2001, the 2-stroke got back Bending … up tuk tuk back to the market, both a rancid lunch Pakse sequence map. New forever be given back to Laos to eat grilled fish, grilled meat, dried beef and grilled chops served with raspberries and white, in conclusion dear anyone what types can be grilled. Feedback before going North on the Laos would also have to eat grilled cutlets pears, coconut shake and beer Laos (tell oách legs, right click a little bit for it to know the taste of beer in the country, on balance it still lied right =)))

Afternoon hike around Pakse, overall nothing special. The street, residents are also frustrated as the Western provinces, there are little different monasteries
A lot of monumental dishes such as this computer out only about 80 k per person please you guys bạnVà fun like the previous day, after being gradually on the car is sitting in the restaurant, the river just ignored the call, get some drift, seen out the daily life of the people there. See them go to work, see the children go to school, see Laos eating pavement ntn, sat riveted phét and lied. Eat from the afternoon to the blackened new pallete is always correct about the machine.

Early the next morning, must hire a car fully air conditioned conditioner minivan carrying a play from Pakse to Khon waterfall and a water taxi to the island, the price is 4000 to 650,000 Kip. The other day was living dead with no a/c car, and then, to this sunny wind Laos to 40 degrees which boat ride, no jewelry that thều thào not say to smooth the screen play for fun dancing dining await in the 4000 islands. Khone Phapheng is a waterfall on the Mekong River is located in Champasak province of Laos near the border with Cambodia.

Khone is main causes explaining why the Mekong River is not suitable for boats crossing through a circuit from the coastal areas in Vietnam into the depths as China. By the end of the 19th century the French had some trying for boats to pass the waterfall but they failed. Their first success in bringing ships with any size through a section of the river above the falls is when they finish building the railway between the two islands on the falls, to avoid the steep falls for and allows the transfer to be made.

Oh my life is now seeing a waterfall flowing savage and magnificent world. Here comes slash screen very good. At asking to buy the cream then says 1 price, eat finished paying the said price. Quarrel not, food is not charged. Ngoác mouth to clear before you eat me up that price. Oh well, I had to stop that deaf hear. Generally you won’t accept, said Lao, English-speaking child, click click the computer the damn í. Ever since the stretch you out as fast, a population also í Laos gentleness. But come on, the singer an tí should pay for Guo. The next withdrawal experience, in those outlying places, at least, this is what tourists asked for clear before. The surfing sisters go see brother beautiful southern Laos, pretty girls here

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