Tips of booking the cheap rooms on Agoda

The booking of domestic hotel is pretty easy anyway because local Aboriginal people, if you go abroad, they must do? In case you do not know what one little place to, information learn quite small, so it must do so in order to choose for themselves one tasty-appointed hotel-cheap. Here are some tips to keep in order to book the best hotel prices.

Determine budget

The first thing you have to determine the budget, the total cost of the trip, then you spend much money for a day at the hotel. If there is a remainder of 1 little more about plus 1; her spending money eg hotel 200k each day, there will be more to such 100k + in 2 * was raised to 200k but with 4 * 4 * 280k alone choose it.

Set your phone to Agoda App

To make a payment online you will need 1 Visa, Visa Debit her suggestion of ACB, 30 minutes into it. Then move all your money hotel in this visa card, ie their property by 10 days 200k / day, then we move 2 million in Visa + 500k money is 2500K offline backup again. Then start at the main job is to select and book the hotel property, there are 2 types book. Remember to sign up Agoda always enter visa then, to book for fast offline.

Type 1: Book from xa- ie not to place new book.

B1: Siting want to book

If you already know where they want and do not need to see this step. And in case you do not know where I should, here are my experiences.

(1) – First you search your place to go.

(2) – Filter by region: This is an important way, do you want to stay near the famous district, near the sea, or something without knowing what name this area, then the best way to open up the filter area. View area which has many hotels, the 90% area is famous, then check in there, it only does the hotel near her place alone.

B2: Filter by rating hotel *

– After selecting the area, “famous”, the hotel is definitely there in the form to lemon, usually up to the prodrome. Therefore, you must filter down to go, 200-300k / 1 night then depending on the form: not rated, 1 *, 2 *, so I would choose the hotel belongs in that range only.

B3. See previous review in person

– Now you begin to choose the hotel then, to select the target property prices + review. See which one you will see the price ok review, review the range of 7 star hotel then it habitable.

– Note: You must click to view 7 * How many people review it then, but only 7 * 7 person review it to pass the time. Quantity must review at least 50 100 new pick it too (in the famous tourist resorts, even in remote areas, no one in so little review).

– In case copper price – contract review, then click on the view side more than the selected ones that review.

– Selected and press severance payment book, noted it would add 7% hotel tax is included, 10% service charge is included. Then, open the map of the hotel up to view directions to the hotel.

Type 2: Book upon arrival

– I often choose this format, the first place to feel like something somewhere where I stood then open agoda not enter where you want to book the hotel. Just click to find room then automatically scans agoda any hotels near you.

– Why then follow step 2, step 3 in the form of one that you would have one additional tasty cheap hotels.

Tip: You want a certain hotel very much always, but very high asking price, then steam. You open up against right agoda hotel name there will always be better than the price you ask the receptionist. I met a lot of views on agoda price found ok, always ask the prices directly to nearly 2 fold on agoda. So sit right place agoda book table seating up front then handed book id, and check in.

If in one day felt like it, you like the more the book is always on giving hoteliers agoda id number, and do not book directly to higher prices.

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